Case reopens – nine years after S. Korean actress’ suicide


SOUTH Korean actress Jang Ja-yeon, who committed suicide in 2009, was forced to undergo a tubal ligation operation, Oriental Daily reported.

People familiar with the matter claimed that the surgery was forced upon the actress as it will be “more convenient” for her to sexually entertain figures in the corporate world and entertainment industry.

The ligation operation, which caused her lifelong infertility, was said to be the final straw for the 29-year-old. Sources said the actress was also forced to take drugs, besides giving sexual favours.

Jang, who was known for her role in the drama Boys Over Flowers, died in March 2009, leaving behind a suicide note, saying she was forced by her agency to provide sexual favours to high-profile figures.

Her death sent shock waves across Asia.

South Koreans started a petition, calling on the government to reinvestigate the case early this year.

The prosecutor’s office announced in June that they would reopen Jang’s case after a recommendation by the special independent panel at the Justice Ministry.


> Taiwanese-based Malaysian singer Penny Tai said she might only be able to organise another major concert in 2020, the same daily reported.

Tai, who has just completed her concert on Saturday, said she had no courage to organise another major concert in the near future.

She, however, changed her mind, saying “maybe the year after next year”.

It had been eight years since Tai held a major concert in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur was the last stop of Tai’s Thief Asia Tour Live.


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