He may be homeless, but he is not at all greedy

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  • Saturday, 11 Aug 2018


 A HOMELESS man, who was given ¥1mil (RM36,660) to spend within a day, was widely praised for using it prudently and not being greedy, reported Sin Chew Daily.

He was randomly selected by a Japanese YouTuber who gave him the money and told him he could return the remaining amount that was not spent within the day to the YouTuber later.

The homeless man first went to a convenience store to buy alcohol-free beer, food, a T-shirt, shoes and daily necessities.

He then checked into a hotel to take a bath and rest.

Knowing that he would have to return the remaining amount, he chose to shop at cheaper stores.

In the end, he had only spent ¥20,000 (RM733).

When the YouTuber said he could continue using the remaining amount, he declined and added that he was contented and did not know how to spend it.


> In China’s Sichuan province, a man tried selling his daughter to raise funds for his son who has leukaemia.

This drew ire from the public, reported China Press.

The boy and the girl are a pair of twins who are almost four.

The father stood with a signboard along Chengdu, stating that he had no means of providing his daughter with a good life and hoped the public could donate to pay for his son’s medical bills.


> The paper also highlighted a story about an 80-year-old Jiangsu province man who saved a drowning boy and discovered he had saved the boy’s father 30 years ago at the same spot.

“I’m too old to dive now,” the senior citizen said after exhausting much of his energy to rescue the eight-year-old boy from the 1.7m-deep river.


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