Being single not a problem for Fasha

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  • Saturday, 11 Aug 2018

Just loving it: Fasha finds it easier working with people since becoming a single mother.

Just loving it: Fasha finds it easier working with people since becoming a single mother.


ACTRESS Fasha Sandha feels at ease living the single life as she is able to enjoy more freedom and receive more job offers, reported Kosmo!.

“Honestly, I feel comfortable being single because it’s easier for people to work with me, and I’m able to focus on my two children.

“I’m not saying I was in a bind when I was married, but as a wife, there were definitely more obstacles in getting job offers,” she said.

Of late, the 34-year-old single mother has been romantically linked with actor Aidil Aziz after a video surfaced of the two hugging to each other at an airport.

Despite Fasha, who has been single since 2016, stating that she and Aidil are merely close friends, the two have reportedly met each other’s families.


> A woman has appealed to the public to stop giving donations for her child, who suffers from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (a form of severe epilepsy that begins in childhood), after receiving a sufficient sum for his treatment, reported Harian Metro.

“After reaching the targeted amount of RM130,000 for Eusuf, I’d like to ask for the donations to end,” said Djasriza Jasin, 41.

“I’m not happy about taking money that can otherwise be used to help other children in need,” she added.

A grateful Djasriza said she and her child were able to receive the funding they needed in just six days after the boy’s story was highlighted by the daily.

Three-year-old Eusuf Muhammad Idzfan endures 30 to 100 seizures daily due to his condition.

“We ask for everyone’s prayers that Eusuf will at least be able to continue life like every other child,” Djasriza said.


> Veteran actor Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan is grateful that he has found love again after losing his wife Hashimah Mad Ehsan in 2016, reported Sinar Harian.

“It was hard to let go of my first love. Her passing was so sudden that it shook me for a year.

“But with the grace of God, my family was with me through it all. After a year, I was able to build a household again,” he said.


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