Munafik 2 teaser is out and already a hit

Highly rated: A scene from ‘Munafik 2’.

Highly rated: A scene from ‘Munafik 2’.

PETALING JAYA: Within 24 hours after the Munafik 2 trailer was released, the 127-second trailer clocked in more than two million views on multiple social media platforms, especially on Facebook.

Munafik 2 is the sequel to Munafik, a 2016 film directed, written and starring Syamsul Yusof. It was a big hit that year, not only in Malaysia but in Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.

It is the No. 4 film of all time at the Malaysia box office, having earned a total of RM17.04mil. It won multiple awards at the Malaysia Film Festival, and Syamsul was named Best Director at the 57th Asia-Pacific Film Festival for Munafik.

Syamsul admits he is anxious about the upcoming film.

He explained: “The fans have been waiting for the sequel since 2016. I have been feeling the pressure of coming up with a good story and meeting their expectations.

“That is why I have doubled up everything for Munafik 2, not only the horror element but the drama as well as the character development. People loved the first movie not only because of the scary parts but because of the story and its characters.

“It is heartening to see the positive reaction from the fans on YouTube. There is so much more the audience can expect than what is shown in the trailer,” he promised.

Munafik 2 sees Syamsul reprise his role as Ustaz Adam, a man whose faith was slightly shaken in the first movie after the death of his family. Here, his faith is strengthened and he is ready to take on a cult that is bent on misinterpreting Islam for its own gains.

Trapped in the cult is a woman and her child. The film sees Adam going to extremes to save her.

Playing the female lead is none other than award-winning actress Maya Karin, who has to play both the woman in fear of her and her child’s safety, and a possessed woman who goes after Adam.

Maya is no stranger to the supernatural genre – she played the titular role in the 2004 film Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam.

Syamsul shared that Maya is a consummate professional on set.

“I have worked with a lot of actors over the years. I must say that Maya is hardworking and always prepared, even when I make last minute changes to the script. I tend to get carried away when I am directing, and I am sure I have scolded Maya, but she’s never taken it personally. Fans can be sure that Maya’s performance in Munafik 2 is unlike anything she’s done before.”

Munafik 2 is set for release on Aug 30.