Ministry explores cashless payments to speed up welfare aid and to save costs

PUTRAJAYA: The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry is exploring cashless payment for welfare aid, just like the system employed by non-governmental organisation MyKasih, its minister said.

Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (pic) said she has instructed the ministry’s secretary-general to look into the implementation.

“I very much hope that it would be an innovative process to speed up distribution of aid and to save costs,” she said.

Dr Wan Azizah, also the Deputy Prime Minister, was speaking to ministry staff at the monthly assembly here.

Also present was deputy minister Hannah Yeoh.

In her speech, Dr Wan Azizah assured the staff members that their promotion and performance evaluation would not be affected by their political leanings.

She said her request to all was to maintain professionalism at work and to stay true to the principle of neutral competence.

Later, Dr Wan Azizah launched Daya Café at the ministry’s lobby.

The business is a collaboration between the Secretariat of Director of Social Welfare Inc (Sekretariat Ketua Pengarah Kebakikan Masyarakat Diperbadankan), the ministry’s service management department and the visiting council (lembaga pelawat) of Bengkel Daya Klang Selangor.

Bengkel Daya Klang Selangor is an institution under the Social Welfare Department.

Manned by two employees with physical and learning disabilities, Daya Café is a platform to introduce social enterprise that supports people with disabilities.