PAS says no to 'proxy middlemen' between Federal Govt and Kelantan state govt

KOTA BARU: PAS wants Pakatan Harapan to stop repeating the mistake of Barisan Nasional of having "proxy middlemen" to serve as link between the Federal Government and the Kelantan state government, which was controlled by Pakatan's political rival PAS.

Therefore, state deputy speaker Datuk Ab Fattah Mahmood said lobbying to have a non-elected representative from Kelantan appointed into the Cabinet could be seen as an attempt to undermine the concept of Federalism.

The inter-relationship between state and federal governments should be maintained under the concept of Federalism, he said.

"Now is the best time for Pakatan Harapan to prove that it embraces the concept of Federalism, and respect the choice made by the majority," said Ab Fattah

He said this in response to State PKR chief Ab Aziz Ab Kadir's insistence that there should be a representative from Kelantan Pakatan Harapan in the Cabinet to help develop the state which was under PAS rule.

The PKR chief said although Pakatan Harapan failed to secure any seats in Kelantan,  they had an obligation to develop the state, as the coalition had gained control of the Federal Government.

He said they could not leave it to PAS to handle matters related to the Federal authorities.

Ab Fattah said Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakob had already taken the initiative to forge cordial ties with the Federal Government.

"Our Mentri Besar has already paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and requested the oil royalty to be channelled directly to the state (government) instead of through third parties.

"Our Mentri Besar had also directed fellow state executive councillors to pay courtesy calls on (federal) ministers holding their respective portfolios.

"This is in line with the concept of embracing democracy, and democratic choices made by the rakyat.

"Having proxy middleman to serve as a link would only promote bureaucracy. Red tapes would only hamper development," he said.

Deputy Mentri Besar Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah had recently said it was not necessary to have a representative from Kelantan in the Cabinet.