Eliminate cyberbullies, Selangor princess tells victims

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  • Wednesday, 11 Jul 2018

PETALING JAYA: Report, block and delete – this is the tip given by Tengku Zatashah Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah to those experiencing cyberbullying.

The Selangor princess advised them to defend themselves against cyberbullying attacks by eliminating the bullies from their space.

“Cyberbullies need to know their one nasty comment can lead to potential suicides and deep depression that can scar the victim for a long time. Words can hurt,” she said.

Yesterday, Tengku Zatashah shared a survey on cyberbullying conducted by market research and consulting organisation Ipsos Group S.A on Instagram.

She highlighted that 71% of cyberbullies in Malaysia use social media, and 53% of the cyberbullies are classmates.

She said cyberbullying is far more insidious as the attacker does not need physical confrontation.

“Kids and adults do not think of the harmful consequences of their negative nasty comments. Bullies even turn to violent, life-­threatening comments.

“And the impact on the person being bullied is that they can read these messages again and again, which damages their mental psychology and well-being.

“This is why there are more suicides due to cyberbullying than physical/social bullying according to stats in the US,” she said.

Tengku Zatashah also called for bully victims to alert their parents and school authorities to put a stop to bullying.

“You must report any kind of bullying to teachers and parents. And the same goes for witnesses to bullying. Do not stay silent,” she said.

According to the survey by Ipsos, one in four or 23% of the parents said their children have experienced cyberbullying.

Of these, 7% of them said that their children have experienced cyberbullying on a regular basis.

More than 500 Malaysian parents participated in the survey.

It also found that 47% of the parents knew of a child from their community who has experienced cyberbullying.

The platform they felt was most frequently used for cyberbullying was social networks, said 71% of the parents polled.

Other platforms used by cyberbullies were mobile phones at 57%, online messaging at 33%, online chatrooms at 31%, e-mails at 23%, and other websites at 19%.

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