JPJ officers to go undercover to monitor express bus drivers during Raya season

Selangor JPJ director Nazli Md Taib.

Selangor JPJ director Nazli Md Taib.

DENGKIL: Road Transport Department (JPJ) enforcement officers in Selangor will be undercover on express buses throughout the Hari Raya festive season to monitor drivers and their buses.

Selangor JPJ director Nazli Md Taib said that since they began their operations in conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidil Fitri celebrations on June 8, only three buses out of the 32 they checked followed the law completely.

"We sent teams of two plain clothes personnel to board buses from Shah Alam headed north and south bound.

"They would observe the buses and their drivers and issue summonses and notices once they arrived at their destination," he told reporters at the Dengkil rest stop along the Elite highway on Wednesday (June 13).

He said 29 bus drivers have committed 70 offences in total.

"Some of these bus drivers committed multiple offences including, driving continuously in the right lane, not complying with driver etiquette such as smoking and wearing slippers, overtaking on the double line, using mobile phones, dropping off passengers at unauthorised stops, and not having a co-driver.

"There were also two instances where the drivers acted aggressively toward our personnel upon knowing that there were undercover officers on board," he said adding that in such cases, his department would not hesitate to take stern action against these errant drivers.

He said they would look into suspending these drivers or even revoking their licenses.

Nazli said between June 8 and June 24, his personnel would be conducting various operations and patrols on federal and state roads to ensure traffic flows smoothly.

"We want to increase the perception of being caught amongst motorists.

"We will also be monitoring that motorists follow the law and will focus on these offences, cutting queue, driving in the right lane continuously (heavy vehicles and buses), not wearing helmet, emergency lane abuse, using mobile phone, beating the traffic light, and overtaking on the double line," he said adding that a total of 1,909 summonses and notices have been issues on motorists while 17 motorcycles were seized. 

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