Bank officer prevented woman from being RM120k poorer

SEREMBAN: An alert bank officer prevented a client from being  cheated of RM120,000 of her hard-earned savings, said the police.

State Commercial Crime Department chief Supt R. Paniercelvan said the woman would have added to the statistics of Macau scam victims if not for the officer.

"The woman seemed panicky when she went to the bank in Putrajaya to withdraw her ASNB savings.

"Upon noticing the woman's behaviour, the officer asked why she was withdrawing her savings, and was told that she had received a call of being a suspect in a money laundering case," he said.

Supt Paniercelvan said the officer called an acquaintance who then contacted him personally to relate the case.

"I then told the woman that she almost became a victim of a Macau scam. I would like to commend the officer for being alert and for helping the woman save her money," he added.