MyPPP power struggle continues

KUALA LUMPUR: The general election is over but the power struggle between two factions in MyPPP shows no signs of abating.

Both acting president Datuk Seri Maglin D’Cruz and former president Tan Sri M. Kayveas have declared that they are the party’s number one.

Maglin claimed that 1,250 delegates have appointed him as president during the party’s 64th annual general meeting (AGM) yesterday.

He also said the sacking of Kay­veas had been accepted unanimous­ly during the AGM and that MyPPP is still part of Barisan Nasional.

Datuk Loga Bala Mohan was appointed the senior vice-president and Datuk Dr Siva Kumar, the party’s vice-president.

“The Registrar of Societies (RoS) told us verbally two days ago to go ahead and hold an AGM.

“A decision will be made by them after that,” claimed Maglin at a press conference after the AGM.

Another faction in support of Kayveas will be holding their AGM today.

Maglin also said that most of the party’s supreme council members appointed were intact.

“About 85% of our supreme council members, elected from 2014, are still with us,” he said, adding that the minutes and reports of the AGM would be submitted to the RoS next week.

On May 20, Maglin announced that Kayveas was no longer a member of MyPPP as of April 25.

He had instructed the party’s so­­li­­citors to commence action against the alleged wrongful and illegal con­duct of Kayveas, citing statements issued by him that MyPPP had decided to leave Barisan.

But on April 30, Kayveas posted on his social media account that he was withdrawing his resignation letter and declared himself as president again.

When contacted, Kayveas said the RoS issued a letter to him on May 18, stating that he was the legi­timate MyPPP president.

He said MyPPP was supposed to hold an AGM by June 4 because the party’s 18-month extension from Dec 5 ends then.

“His team threw a spanner in the works by holding an AGM. As acting president, he cannot make any claims that he had sacked me.

“The first rule they did not ob­serve is to call for a supreme council meeting to set up a disciplinary committee.

“Under the party constitution, the meeting can only be called by the president,” he said.

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