Not only Dr M… Lat's cartoons make a comeback too

A file picture of Lat during an interview in 2016.

A file picture of Lat during an interview in 2016.

PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is not the only thing that is back in fashion, Lat cartoons from the 1980s and 1990s are making a come back too.

Like a blast from the past, the renowned Malaysian cartoonist's tongue-in-cheek depiction of Malaysia's social and political scenes are going viral as the country welcomes its former prime minister as the new Prime Minister.

One comic titled "Dr. M - as he became Prime Minister" shows a dapper young Dr Mahathir asking his barber to trim his hair.

Another showed Dr Mahathir ordering people milling around his car to get back to work, which went viral soon after he was sworn in as Prime Minister.

The most rib-ticking illustration showed two Sabah chief minister's cars, complete with police convoy, driving past each other.

The illustration originally depicted the 1985 controversy where United Sabah National Organisations' Tun Mustapha Harun and Parti Bersatu Sabah's Joseph Pairin Kitingan both claimed to be the rightful chief ministers after a complicated state election.

It is uncanny that this comic that was first produced in the 1980s is relevant today.

Sabah is currently facing uncertainties over who will form the new government as a hung state assembly sees intense political horse-trading between Barisan Nasional Sabah, Parti Warisan Sabah and "kingmakers" Sabah STAR.

Barisan chairman Tan Sri Musa Aman was sworn in as Chief Minister on Thursday (May 10) night but Warisan president Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal is now challenging his legitimacy as Warisan managed to obtain a simple majority of 35 seats with crossovers from five Barisan assemblymen.

Artist Lat, whose real name is Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid, said he was surprised to see his work resurfacing.

"This viral cartoon is a fine surprise for me. People kept sending me the cartoon. It's gone viral," said Lat.

"In fact I have forgotten about it until it resurfaced. I must have drawn them about 30 years ago.

"It's refreshing to see them again and I am happy that people are actually enjoying them," said the international award-winning cartoonist.

Lat, 67, has published more than 20 volumes of cartoons since he was a teenager.

His works mostly illustrate Malaysia's social and political scenes, portraying them in a comedic light without bias.

Lat's best known work is The Kampung Boy (1979), which has been published in several countries across the world.

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