‘Grave of Fireflies’ poster reveals dark secret

Compiled by Amalina Akashah, Amanda Yeap and R. Aravinthan  

FANS of the Japanese animated war film Grave of the Fireflies discovered a chilling secret about the film’s poster, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The poster was initially viewed for what it is – two young siblings under the light of fireflies.

But after the image was lightened 100 times, a US WW2-era B-29 heavy bomber is visible in the initially dark backdrop of the poster.

It is heavily suggested that the dots of light originally thought to be fireflies were actually lights from fire bombs falling above them.

This revelation comes 30 years after the movie, well-known as an emotional masterpiece by Studio Ghibli, was released and almost two weeks after the death of its director Isao Takahata.


> It is hard to imagine yau char kwai (Chinese crullers) and vegetables going hand-in-hand, but a university restaurant in Shandong, China, has introduced the very first green-coloured yau char kwai, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Curious students and staff have been making a beeline for it.

The yau char kwai, which has spinach in it, does have a hint of vegetable flavour.


> A golden retriever which went missing for 15 hours walked into a police station, China Press said.

One-year-old Shu Tiao (“French Fries”) appeared at the Chengdu police station in Sichuan province on Friday morning.

A police personnel found the dog at the entrance and immediately sent out a “Missing Dog” notice to his WeChat social account.

The owners were reunited with their beloved pet soon after, saying that they lost Shu Tiao at around 9pm on Thursday.


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