Video of trailer crash goes viral

DENGKIL: A video has been making its rounds on social media showing a trailer truck ramming through a centre divider along the Elite Highway here.

The 24 second video shows the trailer travelling in the extreme right lane on the highway before it veers into the divider.

The person holding the camera panics and looses focus of the incident for a moment before regaining composure and filming the wrecked truck in the opposite lane.

Sepang OCPD ACP Abdul Aziz Ali said the accident occurred at around 2.25pm on Friday (April 13).

He said the trailer was travelling North from Nilai when one of its tires exploded near KM28.9 of the highway.

“The driver could not control his vehicle and it crashed through the divider into oncoming traffic.

“The crash caused the debris from the metal divider to go flying into oncoming traffic,” he said when contacted.

He added that an sports utility vehicle and a car travelling in the opposing lane could not avoid the debris and crashed into it.

“Fortunately no one was injured in the incident, it caused a huge traffic jam in both directions,” he said.

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