Fly 'without wings' at #StandTogether Carnival

PETALING JAYA: Students will be able to fly in the sky or dive into the world’s deepest depths this Sunday (April 15) at the #StandTogether Carnival’s Petrosains booth, thanks to the science of augmented reality.

Petrosains will be bringing ICAROS, a high-tech virtual reality fitness experience, and a popular attraction among both children and adults at Petrosains exhibitions.

“The combination of VR technology and free flowing movements of the ICAROS creates an immersive, multi-sensory experience in gaming and sports for users,” said Petrosains CEO Tengku Nasariah Tengku Syed Ibrahim.

Attendees at the #StandTogether Carnival at Setia City Convention Centre, Shah Alam, will be able to experience ICAROS for free.

The carnival is the culmination of the #StandTogether National Kindness Week, which took place on the first week of April in schools across the country.

It is supported by Petrosains, which has a permanent science discovery centre in Suria KLCC.

“It is important to spark, nurture and sustain the interest towards science at all ages as Petrosains believes in life-long learning,” said Tengku Nasariah.

“As an informal learning institution where children and youth make up more than 80% of our visitors, we want to be sensitive and involved in helping to address the social issues affecting the younger generation.

“Violence and bullying can threaten a young person’s physical and emotional well-being and can negatively impact the learning environment and their ability to learn.”

Petrosains will also be holding a stage performance called “Elephant Toothpaste”, which shows how different chemicals react to create an exothermic reaction.

The #StandTogether Carnival is the climax of the inaugural National Kindness Week proposed by R.AGE and SP Setia.  

Over 700 schools had registered for the National Kindness Week on April 2-6, and they will gather at the #StandTogether Carnival to celebrate that success, and call for a kinder society throughout the year.  

For more information, go to Here’s a summary of the activities at the #StandTogether Carnival:  

10.30am - Carnival begins

11am - Blind football demo begins and ends at 4pm.

11am - Pet adoption with SPCA and LASS

Noon - Free self-defence and MMA demo with Ann Osman, Peter Davis, Agilan Thani and more

12.30pm - Expert talks for parents and teachers

1.30pm - Science show by Petrosains

1.45pm - Exclusive meet-and-greet with Arwind Kumar, Harith Iskander, Lisa Surihani, Ann Osman, and more.

2.45pm - Arrival of VIPs for #StandTogether Concert

3pm - Concert performances by Ismail Izzani, Talitha Tan, Rabbit Mac and Nik Qistina.

3.30pm - Public Q&A session with celebrity kindness ambassadors

6pm - Exclusive meet-and-greet with Ismail Izzani, the "Oh My English!" cast, Rabbit Mac, and more.


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