Transgender voters can vote in GE14

SEREMBAN: Transgender men and women can still vote in the general election, although the gender listed in their identity cards (IC) does not match their appearance.

This is according to the Election Academy, a part of the Election Commission (EC).

"If the voter appears as a lady, but the IC states that the voter is a man, the voter can still vote although the clerks on duty at the polling place may face difficulties in verifying the person's identity," Election Academy registrar Nik Aminudin Nik Shahar Shah told reporters at a briefing here.

He said the polling clerk will then inform the Presiding Clerk (Ketua Tempat Mengundi) and the voter will have to fill in and sign the Form 11 (Borang 11) to confirm that he or she is the same person in the IC, before the person can cast the vote.

"As long as the person has a valid IC and the person's name is found in the list of registered voters, they will not be turned away," he said.

Nik Aminudin said voters are required to show their ICs before they can cast their votes at the polling place.

The polling clerk will also verify the identity of the voter based on the name and photo shown on the IC.

Launched in 2007, the Election Academy aims to help EC officers/staff and members of political parties to create greater awareness of the importance of public involvement in the election process.

The academy also holds briefings for media staff on the election process and the procedures for coverage.

These briefings include a simulation of the balloting and vote counting process at polling centres.