Plight of MH370 continues four years on

PETALING JAYA: Four years have passed since Flight MH370 disappeared into thin air and Malaysians are still seeking answers.

Social media was filled with expressions of sympathy to the families of the 239 people on board the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines aircraft, which vanished on March 8, 2014, after departing from the KL Interna­tional Airport on a flight to China.

The hashtag #MH370 was one of the top 10 trending items on Twitter for Malaysia yesterday.

Many offered prayers for the Boeing 777 aircraft to be found, the world’s greatest air mystery to be resolved and the families to have closure.

An independent international air accident investigation team set up by Malaysia also issued a statement yesterday to provide an update on ongoing efforts to locate MH370.

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Malaysia was fully committed to finding MH370.

“Four years have passed since MH370 disappeared, but those lost remain in our prayers and hearts.

“As our latest search shows, we are committed to finding MH370 and discovering the fate of those onboard,” the Prime Minister wrote on his Twitter account.

“Four years ago, we were shocked and saddened by the incident. A very sad incident for us Malaysians and something we would never forget. My deepest condolences. All love,” tweeted @thoffprod.

“Missing but never forgotten,” tweeted @azirahusnaa.

A massive search operation coordinated by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau was mounted but suspended in January last year.

In January this year, the Malaysian Gov­ernment entered into an agreement with US-based private firm Ocean Infinity to conduct a 90-day underwater search in an area considered the most likely location for the wreckage.

The search is reportedly expected to end in early June.

A statement by the Malaysian International Civil Aviation Autho­rity Annex 13 Safety Investigation Team said a detailed investigation report known as the Safety Report had been suspended pending the outcome of the latest search effort.

“In the event that the aircraft is found, the team will conduct further investigation. If the aircraft is not found and a decision is made to discontinue the search, the team will resume the completion of the report and release it in the months ahead,” the statement said.

The sister of MH370 pilot Capt Mohd Zaharie Ahmad spoke out against those who still blamed him for the aircraft’s disappearance.

“Deep inside me is sheer frustration that people are pointing fingers at my brother and calling him a pilot who went rogue.

“We try our best to ignore it, but there are times when it gets to us. Try putting yourselves in our shoes,” Shakinab Shah lamented.

The mother of flight attendant Andrew Nari, Catherine Tamoh, said the incident still felt “like it happened yesterday”.

“I’m sad that he still has not been found, but I have to accept it with faith. I leave it to God,” she said.




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