Seven-year-old among 1,722 kids nabbed for various crimes in 2017

PUTRAJAYA: A seven-year-old pupil was among the 1,722 school kids arrested last year for various crimes, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun revealed.

The Year One child was caught for theft while another 469 students were nabbed in 2017 over their involvement in narcotics, said Mohamad Fuzi during an event yesterday.

“Out of the 469 students, two of them were from primary school,” he said, adding that 1,506 crime cases involving school goers aged between seven to 18 were recorded last year.

He said students are now constantly exposed to various criminal activities that need to be addressed.

Advancement in technology also played a role in the increase of crime rate among students, he added.

“Teenagers who are active on social media are identified and targeted by syndicates who would recruit them as kongsi gelap members, runners (for drugs), or as drug mules,” he said at the Students’ Personality and Moral Values Development Seminar here.

Mohamad Fuzi said it was vital for all parties, including school authorities, parents, teachers, and the community to work together to curb such criminal issues among the young.

“I believe every criminal problem can be solved or prevented by instilling good values and developing students’ characters from an early stage,” he said.

The Education Ministry in collaboration with the police (PDRM) are working in tandem to reduce crime among students, and to produce a young generation who are dynamic, aware of their identity and with vision, he added.

Mohamad Fuzi said the police were honoured to be able to join forces with the ministry to curb social problems among students nowadays.

“School liaison officers have been chosen for every school in the nation.

“They will monitor the safety and discipline of students as well as create a bridge for continuous communication between PDRM and schools,” he said.

Education Minister Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid who was present at the event, said the collaboration was the ministry’s 110th initiative to reduce discipline issues and ‘hotspot’ schools in the country.

“Developing good character and instilling moral values in students does not happen overnight.

“We need commitment from all parties including the government, corporate sector, NGOs, schools and especially parents,” said Mahdzir, adding that the initiative was also to “enforce” ties between the police and the ministry.

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