Chong: Teachers should get to know students better

SEREMBAN: Deputy Education Minister Datuk Chong Sin Woon (pic) has appealed to teachers to get to know their students better.

"I know teachers already have a lot to do but it is my hope that they can make more time for their students. They must take the time to ask them if they were okay and if everything is fine at home," said Chong.

He said that students would be willing to open up to their teachers if their teachers got closer to them.

"Don't just ask them if they have completed their homework or complain if their handwriting is illegible," said Chong at a Chinese New Year do at Ulu Temiang on Tuesday (Feb 13).

Chong was asked if the teachers of nine-year-old Nur Aina Nabihah could have done more for her as she had apparently been suffering from alleged abuse for months.

The girl had suffered injuries to her kidneys, liver, intestine as well as

fractured ribs before she died on the way to hospital on Jan 31.

"Apart from asking them if they have finished their homework, do ask them about their teachers and find out if they are being bullied by anyone at school," he said.