Penang has enough roads and linkages, say activists

GEORGE TOWN: The undersea tunnel project is not necessary as there are enough roads and linkages, say several social activists.

Tanjung Bungah Residents Association chairman Meenakshi Raman said it did not see the project as necessary.

“We already have enough roads and linkages. The solution to traffic problems is not building more roads or an undersea tunnel.

“If we have better public transport in the state, people can use it as a better, cheaper and faster alternative to move about.

“More roads and a tunnel only mean that we will be seeing more cars,” she said.

Former Penang Island City councillor Dr Lim Mah Hui also said he did not feel that there was a need for an undersea tunnel, adding that it would not make a difference.

Malaysian Nature Society Penang branch adviser D. Kanda Kumar said it had opposed the project.

“The tunnel is not suitable but nothing has changed and building it will impact the environment.

“The two existing bridges are more than enough for road users to access the mainland and island.

“We oppose the tunnel being built for ecological reasons.

“It will cater to car ownership, which is something people are trying to do away with,” he said.

Public transport in Penang, he said, should be improved as this would benefit the people and environment in the long term.

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