MCA: Probe Ummah for claiming that only Malays fought for the nation

  • Nation
  • Sunday, 14 Jan 2018

PETALING JAYA: MCA has urged the police to probe Ummah chairman Ismail Mina Ahmad and the Ummah convention for sedition over statements claiming only Malays had fought against the communists.

Ummah is an umbrella organisation of around 300 local Muslim non-governmental organisations.

The party also voiced its support for the National Patriots Association (NPA), who defended the sacrifice of non-Malays in the first and second emergencies.

Highlighting the sacrifices of nurse Sybil Kathigasu, resistance fighter Lim Bo Seng and native Sabahans during the Sandakan Death Marches, MCA religious harmony bureau chairman Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker said there was clear evidence that non-Malays had patriotically defended Malaya during the pre- and post-independence era.

He said, however, that they had been selectively forgotten or overlooked by certain parties.

"Irresponsible statements (like those) from Ummah are the cause of our national divide – not vernacular schools or otherwise," Ti said in a statement on Sunday (Jan 14).

"It is pathetic and an outright insult to Malayan and Malaysian soldiers, guerrillas, policemen and civilians ... to erroneously and biasedly claim that only Malays fought during WW2 and the Communist insurgency," he added.

In a convention on Saturday (Jan 13), Ismail Mina had claimed that only the Malay community had resisted British colonists, Japanese occupiers and the communists.

In response, NPA chairman Brigadier-General (retired) Datuk Mohamed Arshad Raji said officers of all ethnicities had fought alongside Malay veterans.

Mohamed Arshad added the Communist Party of Malay (CPM) did not wholly comprise ethnic Chinese.

He noted that the CPM's 10th Regiment, whose leaders included Abdullah CD, Rashid Mydin, and Samsiah Pakeh, was predominantly Malay.

"Distorting history to suit one's political purpose and instil hatred towards non-Malays is totally irresponsible," he said, calling for the Defence Ministry, Home Ministry, the Armed Forces chief, the Inspector-General of Police and the chief of the Armed Forces Religious Corps to set the record straight.