Inaccurate facts in history textbooks can leave students feeling cheated, says activist

MELAKA: Any inaccurate facts in history textbooks will leave new students feeling cheated, says activist Mak Chee Kin (pic).

The Melaka Action Group for Parents in Education (Magpie) chairman said that any textbooks produced under the new Standardised Secondary School Cirruculum (KSSM) must be based on true facts.
Mak said that teachers and parents have voiced concerns over the Form Two history revision book, adding that the book disregards earlier civilisations.

He added that this includes the contributions of the Tamil Chola kingdom in Kedah's early history.

"In a digital world, we can't just twist historical facts that would eventually leave the students feeling cheated once they read the actual annals online," said Mak.

"It's not a question of which civilisations were superior to others, but history should be told as it is," he said on Sunday (Jan 14).

Melaka-based lawyer James Thanjung Tuan said that local academics could obtain historical documents on the region from the national archives in London and Amsterdam.

"Historical facts unknown to younger generations are available at these two countries and these details were used for the book that I am working on," he said.

The Founding of Langksuka in the Second Century author said that kingdoms such as Pan-Pan and Beruas were included in history textbooks in the 1970s.

"The views of local historians should also be gathered before textbooks are produced as students would be affected in the future with a shallow knowledge of history," said Thanjung Tuan.