Objects thrown at church and temple in Kota Baru believed to be petrol bombs

KOTA BARU: Hard objects, believed to be petrol bombs, were thrown at a church and a Hindu temple on Jalan Hamzah.

Kelantan CPO Datuk Hasanuddin Hassan said the objects were believed to be thrown from the Sultan Yahya Petra Bridge at midnight.

"One object broke the second floor window of the church, while the other object landed hit the front door of the temple," he told a press conference on Sunday (Jan 7).

He said they have yet to nab the suspects and determine the motive behind the attacks.

"Those with information, please inform the police," he said.

Hasanuddin also dismissed the possibility of the involvement of any international terrorist group in the double attack.

"We are investigating the case under Section 295 of the Penal Code for desecrating places of worship," he said.

Pastor Goo Siew Lai of the Kota Baru Chinese Methodist Church  said it was the second attack against the church this month.

"The first was on Jan 3. The suspects broke the third floor window then," he said.

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