Penang floods: Huge waves wedge 440-tonne ferry on dock

BUTTERWORTH: Lashing winds here on Sunday stirred up huge waves, strong enough to partially throw a large ferry onto the dock.

Despite having a deadweight of 440 tonnes, one end of the vessel has been wedged on the concrete dock since 2am Sunday.

An officer at the ferry dock said the waves were "unbelievable" last night.

"Pulau Pinang (the name of the ferry) was docked at midnight when the service stopped for the night.

"We watched it roll wildly in the waves and it was pushed up to the dock. We have never seen it happen before," he said.

He added that it would be impossible to push the vessel back onto the sea.

According to Penang's tide chart, the high tide will reach 2.42m at about 2pm, which the officer hopes will be high enough to float the ferry back into the sea.

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