Bugis groups join in fray against Mahathir

PETALING JAYA: Bugis associations from around the country support the Selangor Royal Council’s call to investigate Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad over his comments about the community.

Persatuan Perpaduan Rumpun Bugis Melayu Malaysia deputy president Tasman Matto (pic) said it supported the statement by the Council that suggested the former prime minister should be investigated for sedition.

Matto said Dr Mahathir’s reference to the Bugis as pirates was unacceptable.

PUTRAJAYA, 18 Okt -- Timbalan Presiden Persatuan Perpaduan Rumpun Bugis Melayu Malaysia (PPRBMM) Tasman Matto yang mengetuai lebih 200 ahli persatuan itu berhimpun secara aman sebagai membantah kenyataan bersifat perkauman di hadapan Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana, hari ini.Masyarakat Bugis di Malaysia hari ini mendesak Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad memohon maaf dan menarik balik kenyataannya yang menyifatkan Bugis sebagai lanun.--fotoBERNAMA (2017) HAK CIPTA TERPELIHARA

“It smells of racism and it is certainly not good for the peace that we enjoy right now in the country,” he said.

Persatuan Melayu Bugis Serumpun, based in Melaka, also denounced Dr Mahathir’s remarks, saying that the association had already spoken out against him and lodged a police report.

“We do not agree with the conduct of Dr Mahathir. He has shown no signs of repentance.

“Even though it is politics, he should not have denounced a community like that,” a spokesman said.

“Let the authorities investigate and see what they find,” he said.

He added that the Bugis community in Malaysia felt insulted because, when looking at history, the community helped to shape the geopolitics of the country.

Mohd Khairil Hisham Mohd Ashaari, a committee member of the Negri Sembilan-based Persatuan Waris Linggi, said that as an experienced leader, Dr Mahathir should know what to say and not to condemn another ethnicity.

“He must remember that most of the royal families in Malaysia, like Johor and Selangor, have Bugis royal blood.

“So when he said that about the Bugis community, he was at the same time condemning our royalty.

“So the Sultan of Selangor has the right to ask for an investigation on Dr Mahathir,” said Mohd Khairil.

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