Unfazed Zamihan proclaims himself ‘warrior of truth’

PETALING JAYA: Muslim prea­cher Zamihan Mat Zin (pic) says he will abide by the Selangor Sultan’s orders to the Selangor Islamic Council (Mais) to revoke his preaching credentials in the state.

Zamihan, however, appeared unfazed, and said that he expected this to happen.

“A warrior of the truth doesn’t have to fear any challenges ahead. He doesn’t have to worry about any threats against his life because he is fighting for the hereafter.

“I’m just a common rakyat who will abide by Tuanku’s decision because it is his right. However, his actions will not ‘deprive’ me of my knowledge and spirit to continue the struggles of my faith,” he was quoted as saying by Malay news portal Watan-Online.

Earlier, he shared a link to the article on his Facebook page.

Zamihan, a Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) officer, subsequently claimed that Islam states that every Ruler could be criticised and advised.

Meanwhile, a check on Zamihan’s Facebook page yesterday showed that the preacher, who is being investigated for sedition, made several postings against issues he deemed as “struggles” in the name of Islam.

He lashed out at the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) community.

He also posted an image, allegedly of an annual general assembly of the Hemaat Ahmadia Muslim Malaysia, and called on Muslims to voice their objections against the movement. Ahmadia is a sect that was ruled as deviant by the National Fatwa Council.

Some netizens came out in support of Zamihan.

“Keep up your spirits,” Hafiz Shukri commented on Facebook.

Another user, Mohd Zuhri Ahmad Hamadi, said Zamihan’s ordeal of being arrested was a challenge, and he should continue his struggle for the “truth”.

Others were less forgiving.

Facebook user Azahar Mohd said Zamihan should “change your behaviour and use your knowledge wisely”.

These postings came after Zami­han was released on police bail on Saturday over his comments on the Muar launderette issue.

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