Nazrief Nazri’s dream to be a singer comes true

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  • Wednesday, 26 Jul 2017


ACTOR Nazrief Nazri’s dream of being a singer has come true with the release of his first single, Cinta Semalam, Utusan Malaysia reported.

The 26-year-old whose full name is Mohamad Nazrief Mohamad Nazri (pic), has been acting for the past five years and has starred in some 20 dramas and telefilms.

He said his ambition of becoming a singer was not driven by any fad or trend but was due to a long-standing interest in singing which went back to his school days.

“I want to succeed in as many fields of the arts while I’m still young.

“I’ll put in extra effort to balance singing with acting,” said Nazrief, who will star in the upcoming drama, Bilo Nogori Jupo Kelate.

> Comedian Jiggy escaped un­­harm­ed after fending off a robbery attempt at the Awan Besar Rest and Recreation area along the Kesas High-way, reported Harian Metro.

Jiggy, whose real name is Moham­mad Aizat Ahmad Nazri, said two men armed with a parang and a gun tried to rob him while pretending to ask for directions.

“I grabbed the robber’s hand before he could take out the parang and he cut his hand with it as he tried to fight back.

“I was terrified when the other guy from the back flashed a gun, but I was determined to protect myself. While struggling, I managed to kick the gun off his hand,” he said, relating the incident which took place last Friday.

Jiggy, 28, lodged a report at the Sungai Way police station in Petaling Jaya the next day.

He was glad there were witnesses, “or there will be others accusing me of creating stories”.

> A six-day-old baby was found dead in a well in Jasin, Melaka, last Sunday, reported Kosmo!.

The body, wrapped in a white diaper cloth, was discovered in a 6m-deep well by villagers at 6.30pm.

Police suspected the baby was killed and arrested the family members, including the parents and four other relatives, aged between 16 and 30, to assist investigation.

Jasin district police chief Arshad Abu said the boy was last seen sleeping with his mother, before being reported missing by his father on Saturday.

“However, the well is just 2m away from their house and no physical injury was found on the body,” he added. The body was sent to Hospital Melaka and six people have been remanded for a week.

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