Kuala Nerus MP: I've every right to buy an expensive car

PETALING JAYA: Kuala Nerus MP Datuk Dr Khairuddin Aman Razali has defended his decision to purchase an Audi Q7 for his wife, which costs half a million ringgit new, saying he has every right to do so.

Khairuddin, who is PAS Dewan Ulama information chief, said the issue had been blown out of proportion to distract attention from the proposed Syariah amendments the Islamist party is currently pushing for.

"This is a petty issue. I have a right to buy anything I want. I could even buy a lorry or a plane, it is none of their business," he told The Star Online.

Khairuddin also chided "socialist groups who liked to pick on the matter".

"I bought the car using legitimate sources and I could afford it," he said.

Social media was abuzz recently when Facebook user Datin Norhayati Abd Malek, believed to be Khairuddin's wife, posted a photo of an Audi Q7, saying that it was a "gift" from her husband.

However, it is unknown if the car was purchased new or from a previous owner.

Another posting on her Facebook page showed Khairuddin and their children walking on a beach in which she said she is the wife of "YB Kuala Nerus".

Khairuddin and Norhayati are known to operate a business selling beauty products.