Pete Teo has a part in Hollywood film 'Ghost In The Shell'

PETALING JAYA: Malaysian singer-actor Pete Teo (pic) will be appearing in the upcoming Hollywood flick Ghost In The Shell, which is headlined by Scarlett Johansson.

"I play Tony, a character who is not in the original manga. He was created for the movie," Teo said in a phone interview with The Star.

Ghost In The Shell stars Johansson as The Major, a cyborg tasked with taking down cyber criminals and hackers.

The film directed by Rupert Sanders is based on the cyberpunk manga Ghost In The Shell, originally published in 1989.

Teo has signed a confidentiality agreement and can't reveal too much about his involvement in the film though he can reveal that he shot "a lot of scenes" with Johansson.

Ghost In The Shell is Teo's first foray into Hollywood.

Previously, he has starred in a number of local films such as Ho Yuhang's At The End Of Daybreak and Afdlin Shauki's Papadom film series.

Ghost In The Shell is scheduled for release in Malaysia on March 30.