No kids for HK celebrity couple

Childless: Lau and his wife decided to help other children in need rather than to have their own.

Childless: Lau and his wife decided to help other children in need rather than to have their own.


HONG Kong celebrity couple Sean Lau and Amy Kwok have decided that they do not want to have children because of the huge responsibility to bring up a child, Oriental Daily reported.

The couple, who got married 18 years ago, are known to be a loving couple in the Chinese entertainment industry.

The actor, 52, stressed that it was not because he didn’t like children.

He said he and Kwok, 49, knew it was not easy to bring up a child.

Instead, they decided to help other children, saying there were others in need.

> A family in Alor Setar organised a “spiritual” wedding for the ghost of their unborn sister and the spirit of a dead man from Taiwan, Guang Ming Daily reported.

According to family members, their sister Lin Mei Ci would have been the seventh among nine siblings.

Unfortunately, their mother suffered a miscarriage 34 years ago.

But, the family still considered Mei Ci as their spiritual sister and daughter.

Family member Qiu Xiang, who claims to be able to communicate with Mei Ci, said the latter had followed another sister to Taiwan 20 years ago.

When Mei Ci was there, she fell in love with a doctor who died in an accident when he was 28 years old.

Mei Ci then “communicated” with the family that she wanted to marry the doctor. So a spiritual wedding was held for the couple at a temple in Alor Setar on Friday.

During the ceremony, there was a pair of paper effigies, one male and one female, to represent the bride and groom.

The temple medium then performed the wedding in the presence of Mei Ci’s family members.

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