Mum kills kids and herself

KUCHING: A woman going through a divorce wrote a note saying she and her two boys had “gone off to sleep somewhere else” before she allegedly killed her children and committed suicide by hanging in the toilet of their house.

Shocked family members said the 37-year-old woman had seemed happy despite going through a divorce and had not appeared to have financial problems.

A relative, who declined to be named, said a family member dropped by the house on Tuesday and saw the note. All the doors were locked, he said.

Sensing something was amiss, a young member of the extended family crawled through a hole in the floor. The boy unlocked the back door and the family stumbled upon the shocking sight.

As they gathered at the home in Kampung Baru, Samarahan, about 20km from Kuching, the family tried to put up a brave front.

Pori Chi, 60, the family matriarch, told reporters that her daughter appeared to be happy with her two boys – a four-year-old and another who had just started Year One.

She said her daughter was going through a divorce and the family had not seen the estranged husband for about two years.

Pori added that her two grandsons were “clever and funny”.

Shock and grief: Pori Chi going through her grandchildren’s belongings in Kampung Baru, Samarahan.
Shock and grief: Pori Chi going through her grandchildren’s belongings in Kampung Baru, Samarahan.

“They wanted to be police officers,” the grandmother said yesterday.

“Including these two, I have nine grandchildren. Their mother is the third of my five children.”

Pori said as far as she knew, her daughter had been “okay” financially and worked odd jobs in the village.

“The two boys were happy. They played and joked a lot ... but maybe inside the home ... I don’t know.”

Pori said the eldest did fairly well in school, and both did not seem to be too bothered that their father was never around. “They hardly saw him.”

The estranged husband showed up after the tragedy but stayed only for a while.

Bernama reported district police chief Deputy Supt Lee Chong Chern as saying yesterday that the woman might have committed suicide after killing the boys by hanging herself in the toilet of the house.

“Police received a call from the public at 7.55pm, about the discovery of the children.

“They found the two children in a bedroom with discolouration around their mouths.

“The seven-year-old was already lifeless while the four-year-old was in critical condition and died while being rushed to the Kota Samarahan Heart Centre,” he said.

Supt Lee added that there was also an opened bottle of bleach in the bedroom where the children were found.

Police have classified the case as murder.

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