Foreign journalist chased away from Najib's function

KUCHING: A man claiming to be a broadcast journalist from the United Kingdom was told to leave the old State Assembly building after he tried to ask Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak questions.

The man and a cameraman were seen being asked by security personnel to leave the building where Najib had just arrived to join other leaders following the election results.

It is believed the man had been waiting for the Prime Minister to arrive in order to ask him questions.

"The question I asked your Prime Minister tonight was that he has been accused of personal involvement in a huge corruption scandal.

"He’s given some answers but I know that from many Malaysian friends and journalists the answers he’s given are inadequate,” said the man, who identified himself as Jonathan Miller,  the Asian correspondent for UK's Channel 4 News.

Speaking to reporters outside the building after he was ejected, the man said he wanted Najib to respond to his questions.

"I know it might seem a little unfair as he’s just won an election, I just want to ask him this important question which I believe the Malaysian people needs a proper response.”

Asked by a reporter whether he has obtained accreditation to cover the election, Miller said he believed that he need not apply for a filming permit.


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