Students urged to sit for Chinese Literature in SPM

KUALA LUMPUR: Chinese students are encouraged to take the SPM Chinese Literature papers, which is deemed easier to score compared to the Chinese Language subject.

Deputy Education Minister II Chong Sin Woon (pic) said Chinese Literature was not popular among the students due to the lack of attention given to the subject.

However, he considered the subject an easier one to score A+ because students only have to study several books.

Chong also raised concerns over the number of students dropping the Chinese Language papers in SPM.

Among the reasons given were that the subject was difficult to score and the top students did not want a poor score to affect their supposedly straight A+ results.

He reminded the students that learning Chinese would give them an extra edge to compete in the international arena with China emerging as an economic powerhouse.

Chong said it was vital to look beyond scoring high marks.

“Chinese will be very useful for you in the future,” he told the students at SMK Seri Kembangan near here on Thursday morning.

He also urged educationists, teachers and parents to encourage students to take up the SPM Chinese Language papers.