Transport Ministry wants bauxite-hauling lorries to slow down

BENTONG: The Transport Ministry wants to impose tighter speed limits for lorries carrying bauxite, and will require "black boxes" to be installed on all transport vehicles if drivers do not slow down.

Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai (pic) said there were some who drove above the speed limit in order to make extra trips.

"They are a danger to residents and are polluting the environment," he said, referring to the clouds of bauxite dust that lorries kick up.

Liow said the proposal was being studied at present, believing that the limit could be lowered.

He added that if drivers continue to flaunt the rules, the Ministry would be forced to impose a "black box" ruling on all lorries transporting bauxite to automatically limit its speed.

The Ministry, according to Liow, was also planning to restrict the number of routes allowed for transporting bauxite.

"We also want to ensure lorries are cleaned and covered up before driving on main roads," he said.

"This is to make sure the dust does not pollute the environment," he said.