Friday sermon warns against evils of vaping

PETALING JAYA: Although Selangor has yet to release a fatwa on vaping, its religious body has released a Friday sermon condemning the use of the smoking device.

In a text that was prepared by Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) to be read at mosques throughout the state, the sermon said vaping brought more harm than good to the society.

The sermon said vaping never helped smokers to kick the habit, but the usage would only create more serious problems, such as drug addiction.

It said most of the users were not aware of the e-liquid content, which it said “could easily be mixed with syabu, ganja or dangerous flavours”.

Quoting medical journals, reports and studies by World Health Organisation (WHO), the sermon also said vaping could have a long-term effect on its users as it contains cancer-causing “formaldehyde”.

“Prince Court Medical Centre has also dismissed claims that smoke produced by vape is harmless.”

“In reality, it contains nicotine which could increase the pulse rate and the flow of adrenaline besides slowing down the nervous system.”

“Nicotine also resulted in abnormal pulse rate, which in the end could cause blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and stomach ulcer,” it said.

The sermon also said the cost to treat patients that suffer from chronic diseases such as lung cancer would increase by the year, due to the increasing use of vape.”

“In 2010, the cost to treat these diseases totalled RM2.9bil, compared to cigarette tax of RM2bil only.

“The cost will surely increase. Do we really want to add another problem with the emergence of vaping?” it said.

The sermon then ended with a plea to the congregation to stop the “unhealthy lifestyle”, as Islam urges its followers not to “harm themselves”.

“Vaping entrepreneurs should also leave the business although it brings lucrative profit.

“The authorities should also be firm in combating this matter, by not issuing business licences and fully ban the usage,” the sermon said.

The National Fatwa Council had decided to ban vaping among Muslims in the country.

Johor and Kelantan have banned the sales of vape, while Selangor is still mulling on the move. Negri Sembilan allowed vape sale, but banned Muslims from using it.

Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali said a detailed study would be conducted to discuss the health implications of vaping.

Malaysia’s half-a-billion ringgit vape industry is the second largest in the world after the United States, and the biggest in Asia.

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