Chinese envoy’s trip to Petaling Street a goodwill visit

ON Sept 25, Chinese Ambassador Huang Huikang and his wife visited Petaling Street on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls today.

This is truly a goodwill visit as the ambassador enjoyed celebrating this important traditional festival with the local communities.

He paid such visits many times, such as on Spring Festival, Hari Raya and Deepavali.

This visit became more remarkable as many Chinese were planning their overseas trip for the forthcoming long holidays and the recent news about this landmark really aroused the concern of many Chinese tourists about their security while travelling in Malaysia.

Ambassador Huang wished to show that Petaling Street is still a peaceful and attractive destination and so is Malaysia.

The Mid-Autumn Festival symbolises union and family in the Chinese culture.

The ambassador brought some mooncakes to the businessmen and vendors at Petaling Street and prepared some halal mooncakes, especially for the Malay shopkeepers.

He talked with them as well as tourists, and wished them a happy festival.

By the end of the visit, he gladly took some of the questions by media friends there, who had been stationed at Petaling Street in recent days.

Instead of a statement, he merely answered their questions in general, wishing all Malaysians and Malaysia to continue to be united, harmonious and prosperous, in which he expressed great confidence.

Ambassador Huang said he was happy to see Petaling Street was not soly operated by the Chinese, but also traders of various races.

Traders were working together in harmony.

He hoped all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, would co-exist peacefully and stay united.

Ambassador Huang would like to reaffirm his goodwill and reiterate that he has no intention to interfere in Malaysia’s domestic affairs at all.

The last thing he would like to see is that his goodwill be misunderstood, twisted or used against the China-Malaysia friendly ties.

He especially regrets to see some politicians with ulterior motives playing games with his visit and using this against the Malaysian government that he fully respects and supports.

Statement from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia

Huang Huikang