PTPTN defaulters tell why they are not paying up

PETALING JAYA: Study loan defaulters seem to have many reasons why they can’t or should not have to repay the money.

Some claimed that the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) was inefficient and uncaring, the main reason why they refuse to pay.

A civil servant, who wanted to be identified as Ridza, was “extremely displeased by the service”.

He said he had excellent results in university and even received the Vice-Chancellor’s Award, so he expected to be automatically exempted from repaying his loan.

“I realised later that I still had to pay the money back and this involved a lot of letters and tedious procedures.

“Unable to figure things out on my own, I called the PTPTN only to be further distressed by its unhelpful staff,” he said.

Software engineer Nur Atikah Rahman also complained about the inefficiency of the PTPTN.

She said she applied for an interest transition, or ujrah, on her loan in 2013, but has still not received a response from PTPTN officers.

“When I went to their office to register two years ago, the officers told me to go back and apply through e-mail, then wait for their response.

“I still have not gotten anything after all this time,” she said.

She said she called a few times to follow up on this, but was told to come to the office again.

“My work hours are hectic. I cannot afford this running around.”

Nur Atikah said the rising cost of living was another reason why she hadn’t been repaying her loan.

“Everything is so pricey nowadays. To add to that, I am a parent and trying to provide a comfortable life for my child,” she said.

Administration executive Nurul Nadira Ahmad said she did not earn enough and plans to repay her loans when she earns more.

“I earn so little and my duty is to my daughter and parents first.”

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