M’sia takes steps towards food security

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia took another baby step towards food security and sustainability by becoming the first country to pilot the Integrated Sustainable Agricul­ture Programme (ISAP) of the United Nations Global Compact, and by setting up a secretariat to recognise Malaysian farmers through a global registry.

Under ISAP, Malaysian farmers or SMEs who registered will be assigned a unique Blue Number, a recognition for contributing to food security either within Malaysia or regionally if they export their produce.

The memorandum of understanding was signed on Wednesday at Wisma UN between the Global Compact Network Malaysia and the Rural Transformation Centre (RTC) of Johor.

According to Dr Puvan Selvanathan, Special Adviser on Food and Agriculture at the UN Global Compact, the MoU is the first milestone towards implementation of ISAP in Malaysia.

ISAP will be the core initiative that revolves around an open global registry to recognise millions of farmers, regardless of crop type (oil palm is included), type of livestock or land size.

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