Saifuddin part of Nazir’s NGO

PETALING JAYA: Global Movement of Moderates’ CEO Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah is involved in the non-governmental organisation mooted by the Prime Minister’s brother, but his role has yet to be decided.

“We have not decided (on my role). I think it’s quite clear from Datuk Seri Nazir Razak’s statement that he had conversations with some people, including me,” he said.

“We want to form an NGO to address some of the pertinent socio-political and economic situations in the country,” he told reporters after chairing a roundtable discussion titled “The Bottom 40 & The 11th Malaysia Plan” at the GMM headquarters here yesterday.

On Wednesday, Nazir, who is the CIMB Group chairman, clarified that he was in discussion to set up the NGO after a news report claimed he was starting a new non-partisan political party.

The report said Nazir had been meeting business leaders in Britain and Kuala Lumpur.

The report came out after DAP’s announcement that the Pakatan Rakyat coalition was dead.

Nazir said he had had conversations with like-minded friends, including Saifuddin, about the need to better enable moderate Malaysians to voice their views, concerns and suggestions.

To a question, Saifuddin said there would be a “big difference” between GMM and the NGO.

“GMM is a think tank owned by the Government that counsels the Government. The NGO is independent and will be speaking from the NGO’s point of view,” he said.

Asked if he would have to give up his position in GMM, Saifuddin said: “It’s too early to say”.

On his Twitter page, Saifuddin also refuted the suggestion that the NGO would be pro-Government.

“When did we say we are inclined to any party? (Bila kami kata pro-mana2?),” he wrote.