Cop accused of rape threat still on duty pending probe

Maisara (centre) with her lawyers Michelle Yesudas and Mohd Faizal Abdul Rahman

Maisara (centre) with her lawyers Michelle Yesudas and Mohd Faizal Abdul Rahman

KUALA LUMPUR: The police officer who allegedly threatened to rape an anti-GST rally participant and sell the video is carrying on with his duties until investigations are completed, said city police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Tajuddin Md Isa.

He said police had completed the investigation papers but the prosecutor's office wanted more statements to be recorded.

"We aim to finish it and send it back by this week,” he told reporters at the KL police headquarters in Jalan Hang Tuah.

Maisara Amira, 21, had claimed that the officer threatened her with rape while she was detained over the May 1 rally at the Dang Wangi police station.

Tajuddin said the officer was allowed to continue with his work at the station pending the investigations.

“He has not been transferred. We don’t see it as a necessity,” he said.

Maisara’s lawyer, Faizal Rahman, said police posed new questions to his client such as who was the first person she told of the rape threat and when.

“They also asked what position she was in when she was in the room at the time the threat was made,” Faizal said, adding that Maisara’s father was also questioned on when his daughter told him of the threat.

“I felt some of the questions were quite unnecessary," he said. Maisara would be called to the police headquarters again to identify the suspect from a line-up on Thursday.

Maisara was among 23 people arrested following the May 1 anti-Goods and Services Tax rally. She was remanded for four days and claimed the threat occurred hours before her release.

She told a press conference that the officer had said: “You want me to rape you? In this room, only you and I are here. In this room, there is a camera and a microphone. So if I sell the video, I can be rich.

“This way-lah. I’m going to give you a chance. You answer all the questions given by the female officer. If not, I will ask her to get out. I will enter the room. And you settle with me.”

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said the investigations would be handled by city police after pleas from Maisara’s lawyers not to have her case investigated by the same station the suspect was from.

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