MCA helps traders cope with GST

Smooth sailing: Lee and wife Khaw have mastered the new sales system at their sundry shop. — ASRI ABDUL GHANI / The Star

Smooth sailing: Lee and wife Khaw have mastered the new sales system at their sundry shop. — ASRI ABDUL GHANI / The Star

TAIPING: A sundry shop owner, whose family has been operating the business for more than 70 years, thought of calling it a day because of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) .

Ho Kee Choon, 49, said he would have closed shop if not for the help provided by the MCA Taiping division as he was not computer savvy.

“When I found out about the GST last year, I wanted to close shop because I’m computer illiterate and my children are not keen to take over the business.

“Thankfully, MCA approached me. They introduced me to a firm which helped me acquire a computerised sales system and provided guidance.

“The Point of Sales system cost me about RM7,000 and the accounting software was RM9,000. Both include support and training,” he said.

Ho, who owns the Sin Ju Heng sundry shop in Kuala Sepetang here, said although it had not been easy, he was ready to face the challenges.

“With the new system, I can now keep better track of my daily sales,” he said with a smile.

The business was started by his grandfather during World War II when the town was then called Port Weld.

Lee Cheok Fung, 56, owner of the Perniagaan Cheok Fung sundry shop in Jalan Maharajalela, said he too was thinking of shuttering his business as soon as the GST rolled in.

He said he was planning for an early retirement because his daughters were not interested to take over the shop he started 23 years ago.

“All three of them are graduates, and they are not keen on this line. I supply food products to restaurants and hawkers.

“When MCA Taiping division Wanita chief Lee Li Kuan showed me the computerised (sales) system, I agreed to give it a try.

“It was like starting from Year One all over again. But it’s not hard and everything is working well now,” he said.

His wife Khaw Suan Bee, 56, helps him at the shop.

According to Li Kuan, the system was easy to use and users would be provided with guidance on how to operate it.

“We just need to provide all the details to the programmers to key into the system. Then, they will guide the users on how to run it.

“Once everything is set up, it’s as easy as A-B-C,” she said.

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