Prisons Dept: Rehab programmes help prevent inmates from returning to crime

KUALA LUMPUR: Rehabilitation programmes in prisons have helped prevent against inmates returning to crime.

Prisons Department assistant commissioner Abdul Kadir Jailani said the rate of inmates returning to prison has reduced from 30% in 2009 to 8% currently.

“This, we believe, has a lot to do with the rehabilitation process in prisons where inmates are given vocational training.

“We do our best to ensure that inmates have a future when they get released to avoid them from returning to criminal activities,” he said, at the Safer Malaysia Conference entitled “Crime prevention is Everyone’s business” at the National Defence University, Thursday.

He added that vocational training given to prisoners included things like cooking, landscaping and cleaning.

“When they are trained to cook, for example, we hope to give them the opportunity to go out there and become caterers, eventually.

“In our prisons, we do our best to provide good quality kitchens that offer our prisoners healthy food,” he said.

Abdul Kadir added that prisoners are paid RM10 a day for carrying out tasks.

“This money, we believe, is able to aid them in getting back on their feet once they are out of prison.

“The most important thing is to not isolate them simply because they are criminals,” he said.

“There are 48,087 prisoners in total and though they are criminals, they are still human and treating them right is essential in helping them become better people,” said Abdul Kadir, who added that RM35 is spent every day for the needs of each prisoner.