Profiteers charging RM12 for 1.5l bottle of petrol

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  • Wednesday, 31 Dec 2014

JERANTUT: Residents in Kuala Krau here have claimed that the prices of essentials such as petrol and food have been artificially raised due to a shortage caused by floods.

Mechanic Wong Kong Yong, 54, said a 1.5l bottle of fuel is being sold for RM12.

“Other people are saying that it is sold at RM13 or RM14. But they're definitely more expensive (than usual),” he said.

Current retail prices for RON95 and RON97 petrol are RM2.26 and RM2.46 respectively.

One of the town's petrol stations, located near the train tracks was half-submerged in floodwaters, making it inaccessible.

Student Mohd Anih Isaruddin, 17, said petrol was even sold at RM15 per 1.5 litre of bottle, although these were not sold in the town areas. He also said that a pack of 20 sticks of cigarettes had gone up to RM15.

A stall owner who only wanted to be known as Din said some shopkeepers were even charging RM8 for a can of sardines.

“Oil lamps are going for RM10 each! And we have to cross the floods just to get them,” he said.

A resident, who declined to be identified, said some boat owners were charging RM5 per person who want to cross Sungai Pahang and RM15 each for longer journeys.

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