Seven hikers missing in Gunung Stong

KOTA BARU: Five men and two women are missing after climbing Gunung Stong and Gunung Basur in Dabong about 150km from here on Dec 11.

On Monday, the seven have yet to reach a designated point and has roughly two days of ration left.

"We are very worried about them as we do not have any information of their whereabouts or who they are.

"The consolation is that they are lost with their guide and even this we are basing on the report from the public," said state Fire and Rescue Department chief Azmi Osman.

A team from STORM (Special Tactical Operation Rescue Malaysia) from Selangor has been despatched to the area and would start work Tuesday.

Azmi said his department could not spare staff to carry out the search as flood rescue operations were in full swing.

He said he expects bad weather to impede the task of the STORM team.