Kajang struck by flash floods after heavy rain

Kajang town inundated by flash floods. - Photo courtesy of Pung Wai Hung

Kajang town inundated by flash floods. - Photo courtesy of Pung Wai Hung

PETALING JAYA: A sudden but severe flash flood struck Kajang in Kuala Lumpur Saturday afternoon, but waters subsided as rapidly as they appeared after about an hour.

Reports of severe floods in Kajang appeared over social media, with pictures showing water levels knee-deep in various parts of Kajang town.

According to Hulu Langat MCA Youth chief Pung Wai Hung, the flood started at around 3pm, with about half of Kajang town submerged in flood waters.

Pung said that the water level reached a level of nearly two metres in some areas.

Photo studio owner Lim Yew Peng, 51, said his premises was inundated with about 20cm of water within half an hour.

"It came too fast. I did not manage to save some of my cameras and equipment," said Lim.

Lim said this was the third time this year Kajang suffered from severe floods.

"This time was the most serious. The water levels were so high that I even saw some cars floating on the street.

Pamela Lim, a volunteer at Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (Miar), said that the shelter, which is situated by the river, was also affected.

In a Facebook post, she described how volunteers "risked their lives" to save the dogs there, braving rising water levels to release them from their cages and get them to higher ground.

"We are still half-submerged. Flood waters almost reached the roof. We need temporary shelter now," said Lim.

"I'm hungry and the dogs are wet and cold. Electricity has been cut for safety and we will be in total darkness soon. This is an appeal for rescue," she said in a 7pm post.

A post on Kajang rep Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail's Facebook page said heavy rain caused the Kantan River to overflow.

"My Kajang office staff and the local council officers are on the ground to monitor the situation," read the 4.30pm post.

An hour later, she said that the floods had receded and the cleaning-up process was in progress.

Kajang Fire and Rescue department operations officer Zafiruddin Mohd Nasir said authorities received reports of the flash flood at about 4pm but that waters dissipated in about an hour.

"It (the floods) was not so severe. It came and went before we received any calls for dispatch help," he said.

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