Shamsudin Lias resigns as Selangor Opposition chief

SHAH ALAM: Barisan Nasional’s Sungai Burong assemblyman Datuk Shamsudin Lias has tendered his resignation as Selangor Opposition chief.

He handed his resignation letter to the state legislative assembly Speaker’s office on Monday and returned the car allocated to him by the state.

Speaking to the media, Shamsudin said he was resigning because he did not want to head the state legislative assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Under new amendments made during the state assembly session last week, it is compulsory for the Opposition chief to head the PAC.

“How can I head the PAC when the committee is not fair?” asked Shamsudin.

He said the PAC was made up of five Pakatan Rakyat and only two Barisan members.

“If they want to truly propagate democracy as they claim, they should empower,” said Shamsudin.

He said Barisan had asked for an increased representation in the PAC in the last three state assembly sessions but the Pakatan government had refused to budge.

“They have refused to even consider our request,” said Shamsudin.

He added that he was resigning and returning the car in his own capacity and that it was not a party decision.

“It is a matter of integrity for me,” said Shamsudin.

Speaker Hannah Yeoh’s office has informed the press that she will be giving a press conference at 1.30pm Monday.

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