Azmin a principled man, says wife Shamshida

AMPANG: Principled, professional, patient, passionate and guided by prayers – that’s how Shamshida Taharin described her husband Azmin Ali, the next Selangor Mentri Besar.

Shamshida, 49, who has been married to Azmin for 26 years, said: “He is very passionate and concerned about the party’s outlook and the rakyat. Party comes first for him and he wants to work for the rakyat.”

In an interview at their home yesterday, Shamshida said her husband was very meticulous, organised and wanted things to be done in a certain order.

She jokingly attributed this to his training – Azmin has a Masters of Education in Mathematics.

As a father, he was stern but caring and never failed to make time for the birthdays of their three sons and three daughters, aged between 12 and 24 years, Shamshida said.

Two of their children are still in school while the other four are in institutions of higher learning.

“Birthday lunches or dinners are a must no matter how hectic his schedule.”

Although she has a degree in finance, Shamshida is happy being a homemaker.

“I will handle the household matters as much as I can so he will not be worried about the family and children,” she said.

Shamshida Taharin , Azmin Ali