MAS stewardesses should be given choice to wear hijab, says Khairy

KUALA LUMPUR: Muslim female flight attendants working for Malaysia Airlines (MAS) should be given the option to wear the hijab, said Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

Khairy who is also Minister of Youth and Sports said that the management of MAS should allow flight attendants to wear the hijab.

"Those who want to cover their aurat should be able to do so," said Khairy, who spoke to the press after holding an Umno Youth Exco meeting Tuesday.

It was earlier reported by a local daily that Umno Youth Exco member Dazma Shah Daud has asked MAS to make it compulsory that Muslim female flight attendants should wear the hijab and that the airline should stop serving alcohol onboard.

Dazma however clarified his earlier statement, saying that he was misquoted.

"What I said was that those who want to wear hijab should be able to do so as there are instances where Muslim female flight attendants in MAS who wear the hijab outside of work have to take their hijab off while flying," he said.

He explained that the practice of banning hijab for Muslim female flight attendants is a discriminatory practice.

He also asked that MAS alter the uniforms for Muslim female flight attendants so that the uniforms can be worn with the hijab.

"Maybe for those who want to wear the hijab, the uniform can be altered a bit so that it covers the aurat," he said.

In terms of alcohol, Dazma said that Muslim flight attendants should be allowed to opt out from having to serve alcohol to passengers.

He said that the job of serving alcohol could be taken over by non-Muslim flight attendants.

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