Police: "Macau Scam" now targeting other communities

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  • Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014

SHAH ALAM: Confidence tricksters, who had been focusing on the Chinese, are now targeting other communities, said police.

South Klang police chief ACP Kamarul Zaman Mamat said previously, the 'Macau Scam' had only focused on the Chinese community but of late, other communities had also fallen prey.

He said the syndicate members were now targeting professionals like engineers, company directors and managers to fleece them of their money.

The group's modus operandi was to pose as a bank officer and contact the targeted victim to divulge details of bank accounts.

The 'bank officer' would then spin a tale that the victim's personal information had been misused to apply for a credit card which had been used in some transactions.

When the victim falls for the story, the syndicate member would ask the victim to contact a telephone number, purportedly that of Bank Negara, to lodge a report.

ACP Kamarul said the 'number' would be answered by another accomplice who would ask the victim to provide personal details, as well as bank information.

 "The victim would then be told that his bank account would be frozen to facilitate investigations.

 "Only after the victim had performed the transactions as instructed, would he realise that his money had been transferred to another account," he said.

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