RMAF wants better equipment for search and rescue ops

ALOR SETAR: The saga of Flight MH370 can serve as an invaluable lesson to the Royal Malaysian Air Force and the Malaysian Armed Forces, says RMAF chief Jen Tan Sri Rodzali Daud.

He said among the things that could be improved was the way the RMAF and the Armed Forces handle and organise future search and rescue (SAR) efforts.

He said he had recommended to the Government to equip the RMAF with better aircraft for future SAR operations.

“At the moment, we can only do surface searches because our aircraft are not equipped to carry out seabed searches,” he said after presenting flying wings to 26 graduates of the basic flying and helicopter course at the Air Force College here.

Earlier in his speech, he urged future pilots to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills of modern warfare and to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

“Keep away from influences that will have a negative impact on you, your family and the organisation,” he said.

Jen Rodzali said RMAF would act against personnel who lacked discipline and tarnished the air force’s image.

At the graduation ceremony, Lt Mohd Firdaus Awang Koding was named the overall best graduate for successfully manoeuvring his PC-7 MKII aircraft in the flying phase.

“I have always wanted to be a pilot. Passion is very important in everything that you do,” said the 24-year-old former student of MRSM Muadzam Shah in Pahang.

He said self-discipline was also very important, especially in the armed forces, and attributed his success to his parents, who had supported him all the way.

Kapt Ahmad Zulkifli Ahmad Kamal, 26, and Kapt Hafizullah Noor Mohd Sallehuddin, 29, were also given awards for obtaining outstanding results in flying a winged aircraft and a helicopter respectively.