Police: Maid who allegedly killed stepbrothers died a slow death

Murder in Taman Sri Putra,Sg Buloh.

Murder in Taman Sri Putra,Sg Buloh.

SHAH ALAM: The Indonesian maid who allegedly killed stepbrothers Koay Jia Hong, five, and 18-month old Melvin Selvam Joseph before committing suicide on Tuesday is believed to have died a slow death.

Sungai Buloh OCPD Supt Junaidi Bujang said that the belief was based on the maid's condition upon being found in her employer’s house.

“There were air bubbles in the blood vessels. When air bubbles travel to the heart and block the blood flow, the person can die of air embolism. We are still waiting for the official post-mortem report,” he said.

Police have also ruled out foul play as four Rottweilers owned by the maid’s employer were guarding the house at the time of the incident.

He said the dogs are known to bark at and even attack strangers.

Supt Junaidi added that police are working closely with the Indonesian embassy to ascertain the real identity of the maid.

The two stepbrothers were found sprawled in a pool of blood at their home in Taman Sri Putra on Tuesday evening.

It is learnt that the boys’ 27-year-old mother, a coffeeshop operator, returned to her home at about 7pm to find the boys and the maid dead, with their throats slit.

Initial investigations revealed that the maid, in her 30s, had slit the throat of five-year-old Koay upstairs before killing the younger stepbrother in the same manner on the ground floor near the kitchen.

The maid is then believed to have slit her own throat.